QSI error SGPro

SGPro is not connecting to my new QSI 6162, I get the following error message. Can anyone please advise?

That error means that SGPro is unable to communicate with the ASCOM driver. Make sure you install the 32-bit version of the ASCOM driver (until we release a 64-bit compatible version of SGPro).

A new SGP version has been released ( and the problem that happened when trying to connect QSI cameras has been solved, at least it works for me with my “old” QSI drivers.

Just for info for any QSI users that might be interested:
I have gone back to using my QSI 6120 - I had another camera attached until a few days ago. When I put the camera back on, I decided to update the driver. I cleared the old driver off the computer (via Windows (10) Apps & features - Remove) and did a clean install of QSI driver I could not get it to work. Neither could I get to work. (I had that driver downloaded previously - but never used it).
Luckily I had the original disk and reinstalled the original driver I had - things worked OK then and I have used the camera over a couple of sessions since.

Since some guys said that driver was working fine it was just bugging me that it did not work for me - even though I was not sure there would be any performance difference from doing an update. However, this morning when I updated SGP to, I decided to give the QSI driver another go. This time - I just loaded the new driver “over the old”. I restarted the obs computer and connected to the camera OK without problem. All I checked after connecting was that the cooling started Ok - which it did. So hopefully now,I will run tonight without problem…the new driver is now installed as far as I can tell. :+1:

I am getting the same error when I select the QSI CCD Camera and click the settings button. I am left confused by the earlier response from Ken suggesting to use the 32-bit ASCOM driver. The ASCOM site says to get the drivers from the manufacturer. I don’t have a CD for QSI installation software (since I bought my 683ws-8 used). I am relying on the download from the QSI website (QSIInstaller- When using that file, there are no options for 32 or 64 bit drivers. So, I don’t see how to ensure selection of 32-bit vs. 64-bit. I guess I need a little help to understand.

On a separate question, I note that the Equipment Profile Manager, Camera tab, Camera selection includes QSI CCD Camera before I install the drivers via QSIInstaller- and afterwards two more selections “QSI Camera” and QSI Camera 2" are added. Why are this many selections made available and what is the difference? I notice something similar with my ZWO ASI cameras. I think that before installing the drivers there is a selection of “ZWO Camera” and after the drivers are installed it adds two more selections, “ASI Camera (1)” and “ASI Camera (2)”. The selections seem similar and I don’t know why there are so many and which I should be using. Any help here would be appreciated.