QSI fan speed quirk

A friend and I both have observed the following quirk with the fan speed control on the QSI(683)

Irrespective of the fan speed setting, the fan always turns on fully with TEC, even when the temperature is reached. We found a work-around but am not certain if it is the driver, or SGP:

-connect the camera
-run with the cooler on
-disconnect camera but do not turn off the cooler
-change the camera fan setting to quiet

The quiet mode works now… but this process needs to be repeated each time you start up SGP.
Any ideas?

ahah chris i just was writting the same, it may be usefull to share your vid with sgp team ?

here is the link to the discussion


Here is the video - comparing SGP operation of the QSI with … that other program. SGP seems to change the driver setting to high speed fan when it turns on the TEC. The tarnished standard does not.

I’m using a lossless screen capture coder, the free decoders are available of Techsmith’s website, or I have included them in the dropbox for convenience.

Just FYI the 2.4 beta of SGP has the ability to set the fan speed of a QSI camera from Full, Quiet or even Off (not recommended!)


Hello , did just tried quiet mode with the beta, it works ok !
nice !
THanks a lot !
happy new year