Question on Multi-Camera

You don’t have to answer this (and may not know yet) but will multi-cam have:

  1. Separate focus setup and routines for each camera?
  2. Ability of the guiding camera to use the SBIG API?
  3. Use DSLR as secondary camera?
  4. Different exposure times for each camera?
  5. Just two cameras or three or 750,432 (You’re gonna need a bigger mount :wink: )?


Yes, it would be wise not to have both behind an OAG :slight_smile:




As many as you like…I’m sure there will be some limit to what is practical. I would think 2 or 3 cameras would be about all you would really want to manage but if you really hate life feel free to use many more.


Yes, I can see how more than three would be asking for trouble. I have two cameras presently but have three scopes on the mount presently so might add another camera or use my DSLR for that. I can’t see myself using more than four at the high end and one of those would be a piggybacked DSLR and camera lens so would not be all that critical in terms of tracking and focus.

Thanks for the info. I look forward to trying the add-on.

This would be a nice summer project :wink: looking forward to it!

Looking forward to this too. Since I image with a dual camera/scope setup on a single mount, this has been on my most wanted list since the early days. Glad to see there is some thought is going into implementation.