Question on Old and In-Progress Sequences and Upgrading to JNOW

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Original Message:

Hi Guys,

I have a sequence that I started a couple of months ago and will be
working on for a couple of months to come. Is it safe to update SGP to
the JNOW converting version? I use an Astro-Physics mount and I build
the sequence with the Framing and Mosaic Wizzard.

I guess I’m wondering if an in-progress sequence can survive the
transition to JNOW.

Does what I wrote even make sense?

Thanks - Shane

The JNow change should not effect current sequences besides make the pointing/syncing more accurate. For most targets this isn’t really that much depending on your FOV. Nothing changes in the sequence for JNow/J2000. It’s only how we sync/slew specific to the scope.

If you’re worried about it you can always make a copy of the sequence and install the Beta in a different directory so you have both installed.