Question on SBIG API and dark frames

I noted something curious tonite. This was with 2.3 but probably applies to 2.4 as well.

I was imaging with the STT-8300 and the self-guide filter wheel, which has the guide chip in front of the filters
as well as in front of the shutter for the main camera. The last event was darks, but I had it cycling thru events
in case the clouds came in. I noted that when it got to the dark event, it continued to try to guide but was not able to see any stars. I thought this odd as the STT- self guide filter wheel has a separate shutter so it “should” have been able to both see the stars and guide despite the main shutter being closed.

My guess is that the API is assuming a “regular” (behind main shutter guide chip) SBIG camera so is not opening the guide chip’s separate shutter (not able to?).

Not a show stopper but curious since it seems that it should either continue guiding correctly or automatically stop since it is a dark frame - but it did neither.