Questionable Temperature Readings in ASI1600

I haven’t imaged for months due to the weather and maybe this is normal? When I did get a chance I noticed some strange things about the camera - ASI1600mm - temperature. Using the latest ASCOM driver and SGP 3.2.0 612 the camera temperature matches the ambient. However, as soon as I plug the separate power cable in and the fan starts, the camera temperature drops up to 10C below the ambient, even though the camera is not on in SGP. It stays at that temperature, until I turn the camera on and it starts cooling to my set point It has no problem cooling and holding a temperature.

So, everything works normally, except the temperature when its plugged in and the fan is running shows 8-10C below ambient, even with the camera turned off. If the camera can start cooling some before its turned on, then I don’t have a problem. Otherwise I’m worried that I can’t trust any temperature readings on the camera. Has anyone else noticed this?