Questions about configuring Cygwin (beyond ansvr)

SGP installed Cygwin on my computer to provide the environment for local plate solving as a “blind failover.”

Now I’m learning more about what can be done inside Cygwin and I’m especially interested in using it to host an ssh server so that I can remote into my pc without using the GUI or TeamViewer (or any other remote control software). I’ve always been more comfortable in linux and only use Windows for SGP, so ssh and standard bash commands are much less cryptic than Command.exe or PowerShell.

Can somebody point me to a tutorial on how to “configure” the Cygwin that’s already installed on my machine?

Googling around, I see lots of helpful pages on installing Cygwin from scratch, but SGP has already done that for me.

What I want is to install packages and create both a desktop shortcut and a command-line alias to open a bash shell from which I can control my Windows computer using Cygwin.

Thanks for any help!

Scott Denning
Colorado USA

Just a clarification, SGP did not install Cygwin. Cygwin is installed as part of the ANSVR installation which is also not included with SGP.

Generally you can access installing more modules for Cygwin through setup.exe, which may not get packed with the ANSVR installer.

However, I would not recommend that route. If you really want to use a linux shell on windows then you should install the Linux Subsystem for Windows (this assume windows 10) and install one of the Distros from the Windows Store.

This will allow you to use apt-get and install whatever you choose. You can even install the astrometry binaries there and have your own DIY ANSVR if you choose.



I would recommend leaving the ansvr cygwin installation alone. If you want another cygwin instance, just go ahead and install one by running the cygwin installer ( You can install it in the typical location, C:\cygwin\ That way you can do whatever customization you want of your own cygwin installation without running the risk of breaking the ansvr installation. There is no problem having more than one cygwin instance installed, they won’t interfere with each other.

The cygwin installer will let you select packages; it also provides a bash shell shortcut.

Feel free to contact me directly if you need any more info or help. We’re off-topic from SGP since as Jared says, SGP has nothing to do with cygwin other than the fact that SGP supports using ansvr/ as a blind plate solver.


Thank you both for your very helpful advice Jared and Andy.

Sorry to mischaracterize the Cygwin installation as part of SGP.

No problem, just didn’t want someone stumbling upon this and wondering why SGP didn’t install Cygwin for them :slight_smile:

I use the Linux subsystem in Windows all the time. It’s really nice and I prefer it substantially over Cygwin. All Cygwin does these days is run ANSVR and I have nearly 0 interaction with it.