Quick help needed - Nikon D5300

I decided to try using my Nikon D5300 with SGP, and the camera connects to SGP just fine but I can’t get it to do anything. When I try to take an image it says downloading, but the shutter never fired and it never stops downloading.

I’m embarrassed to say that I asked this very question a year ago but I haven’t used the D5300 since and I don’t remember the solution.

What am I missing?

This is all the log says:

[06/13/18 21:18:50.811][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Nikon: Setting output to RAW
[06/13/18 21:18:50.938][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Nikon Camera: Finding shutter speed closest to 1.00s…
[06/13/18 21:18:50.938][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Nikon Camera: Return shutter speed (i) -> 15; dShutterList[i] -> 1
[06/13/18 21:18:50.938][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Nikon: Exposure using native shutter speed at 15…
[06/13/18 21:18:50.952][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Nikon: Failure in Capture image! [kNkMAIDResult_NotSupported] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapSet, 33042, kNkMAIDDataType_EnumPtr, 197780472)

Sorry guys…the camera wasn’t set to bulb mode. Once I set to bulb all is well.

I have the same camera but haven’t used it with SGP yet.
Any other tips and tricks you can come up with would be appreciated.