Random Image Download Failures


<I get random image download failures since I began using the ASI6200 last month. It happens on both my 6200 cameras, on all 3 of my laptops, with 9 ft. or shorter usb 3 cables plugged directly into the laptops from camera. I’ve used several different cables but it happens on all of them. Most error messages seem to be ‘out of memory’ or “failed to download image.” I wonder if SGP struggles with this particular camera. I’ve never had problems with several other cameras in the past.

In this session I didn’t realize it stopped downloading images until more than an hour after it stopped. SGP just keeps going, counting frames, focusing and taking pictures as if nothing happened. At a minimum SGP should provide a better alert that the sequence isn’t downloading frames. Unless I babysit SGP the only way to know frames aren’t downloading is to check the activity logs or notice in my local folders that images aren’t being saved.>

Aprox time of issue: <12:40 am>

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

Sorry to hear about this, I know your pain and it can be very difficult to track down the issue.

Just as another data point, I have been using an ASI6200mm and ASI2600mc for the past month with no issues. Initially I went through three different USB3 cables before I found one that would work reliably on the ASI6200, and I can’t go through my USB3 hub either. Here is the cable I bought and it has worked reliably.