Random Plate Solving Failures (SGP and Ansvr)

Hi all,

The past several nights, I’ve been imaging Cygnus in an 8-panel mosaic but stopping at 04:30 to move to a dark nebula (LBN603) in Cassiopeia for the rest of the night until 06:55 or so. The sequence works beautifully and indeed it moves to LBN603 just before 04:30 to start imaging it. For two nights straight, there was absolutely no problem at all. The last two nights however have not been anywhere near as successful, and it’s odd because nothing has changed (software or hardware)!

Basically my sequence runs, doing panel after panel of Cygnus and when it wants to switch to LBN603, it slews there and plate solves once (apparently works but there’s an error bigger than 50 pixels). After the first plate solve, it corrects (all normal so far) and plate solves again. This second time it appears the mount has drifted even further off and it complains about something of scale being more than 25% out.

I wake up at 08:00 in the morning to find SGP in Recovery Mode but with SGP having crashed and completely unresponsive only two minutes after starting Recovery Mode. I end up force-closing it, parking my mount manually and closing my roof manually. My folder contains my Cygnus exposures but it never successfully started LBN603. This is very odd behaviour. I use SGP Beta with Ansvr 0.19. My mount is an Avalon M-Uno with an EQ6 controller so I use EQMod 1.29a as my software.

I have uploaded my SGP log file from last night to Dropbox. The problem starts at 04:08:43 when Cygnus ends and LBN603 starts. Please see the SGP log file at the link below:


Could this have something to do with EQMod’s “SideOfPier” setting? I used to have it on its default “Pointing (ASCOM)” but tonight I’m trying “None (ASCOM)”.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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