Reading temperature from the Zwo ASCOM camera

I am testing my Zwo ASI120MC camera with SGP and it work well so far.
One thing I noticed is that the temperature is not displayed.
The guys at Zwo confirmed that the ASCOM driver is providing the temperature info.
Is that a bug on SGP side?

I doubt it. SGPro works with ASCOM cameras. With few exceptions, it does not care about brand or type or anything else… it just knows how to talk to ASCOM compliant cameras. Since 90% of cameras used with SGPro are ASCOM and there are no issues reporting temperature with these cameras, it is unlikely that this is a bug in SGPro.

I will say that some drivers in written in such a manner that they do not handle asynchronous (multi-threaded) clients very well. This might be the case… I have never looked at their driver. If it is the case, we have no intention of catering to them at this point (ASCOM docs specify that drivers should be written in a manner that can handle these requests… or at least protect itself when it happens).

If you post logs we can see if the driver is throwing an error when temp is requested. Please see the How to Ask for Help Post.

The ZWO guy confirmed the driver is 100% ASCOM compatible.
The temperature can be read in MaximDL
Maybe this is because there is no cooler on the camera that SGP gets confused?
When I open the camera in SGP, there is NA temperature read, as per screenshot (bottom right)
I posted also the log: 1) open SGP 2) connect camera 3) take screen shot 4) close camera 5) close SGP
Thanks for looking!

sg_logfile_20151214223252.txt (19.2 KB)

SGPro will not attempt to read the CCD temperature unless the cooler is on.

Also, I don’t know what this means.

Please pardon my poor writing, I meant "maybe SGP can not read the temperature because the camera has no cooler?"
I understand this is what is happening: no cooler on the camera means SGP will not try to read the CCD temperature, regardless is the setting is on or off?

I still don’t understand… how can SGPro read a temperature if there is no cooler? Are you trying to say “controllable cooler”?

How can you have a cooler that is not on the camera? What happens when you ask SGPro to turn the camera’s cooler on?

I have never heard of zwo cameras… I went and looked at them and the cooler definitely resides on the camera so I’m not really sure what you are trying to communicate.

I understand how SGP works then! Maybe it would be a nice feature to have? Should I post/request in the corresponding section?

ZWO are excellent cameras for planetary/sun and guiding, but I would like to give it a try at DSO with SGP and with the camera I have!
They have just release cool down version of their cameras (for $800!), and I may consider them on the hardware side :smile: (sorry slightly off topic)

Ah… I see. If the camera reports it has no cooler then we do not attempt to query for temperature. This is a first for us in terms of camera configurations.

I have made a small change that should allow for the temperature to be read in cases like this… first time for everything I guess.

Thanks Ken :slight_smile:

The ability to read CCD temperature sensors with no cooler is available in the now released SGPro

It works!! I must say I am impressed by your efficiency :smile:
Thanks again! (now let’s invoke the weather gods to clear out those clouds!)