Recentering automatically during a Sequence

I looked, but didn’t find a way to do this: is it currently possible to set a Sequence up such that the mount/ scope is automatically recentered on the target during a Sequence? I see where you can set Autofocus to run after a pre-determined time period or number of exposures, can you currently do that for Centering? If not, can that be added?

I can see Centering after a meridian flip, but I would like to recenter in the middle of collecting my subs on any given target, too.

That feature is on the wish list.
In the meantime, you can duplicate a target and take, for example, half the pictures in the first target and the rest in the duplicate target. If both targets have “Slew and center” set it will do what you want, but the target names have to be different.

It’s more than in the wish list… it’s actually currently in progress.

Even better, @Ken. Thanks.
Will it blindly re-center every so often, or do a plate solve first and recenter if needed?

I recently had a case where an image restarted since the guide star was more than X pixels off (5 in my case). It happened a few more times so the star ended up being WAY off and I couldn’t use the remaining pictures in that target. I assume what you’re working on will catch this?

That is excellent, I’ve never had a company pick up one of my ideas so quickly, this is flattering! :slight_smile:

Having Center Target run based on a set time interval will be more useful to me than having multiple instances of the same target in a Sequence, at least for now. I’m still getting guiding to work reliably and last weekend my gear was taking data only about 50% of the time (the rest of the time SGP was either waiting for guiding to settle, or restarting guiding). If SGP centered after a set number of subs, there’s no telling how long I’d go before recentering.