Recommended System Specifications for SGPro

SGPro will run on almost any Windows 10 or 11 machine (either 32 or 64 bit) with almost any kind of hardware. Because SGPro offers a multitude of controls and real-time information, screen space is typically more important than hardware. Here is what we recommend for the optimal experience:

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 6 GB or more (this will ensure that you have enough memory to load a large number of sequence targets and also have plenty of RAM remaining to run other required applications like the auto guider, plate solver, etc)
    • Note on RAM: The amount of memory consumed by SGPro can vary wildly depending on user activity. For a typical imaging session, SGPro will consume approximately 250 MB of RAM and, during some activities, peak at about 500 MB.
  • Hard Disk Space: The SGPro application requires less than 50 MB of space, but you’ll want to ensure that the machine has plenty of space on it to store your sequence images
    • 1 GB for SGPro and its associated cache
    • Enough to store at least 200 images from your primary camera (not that a typical sequence will gather this much data, but it’s important to remember that a healthy computer has a decent amount of free space available for the operating system to use)
  • Display: HD (1920 x 1080) or higher. SGPro is an information-dense application and creating a UI that can fit it all is sometimes a challeng. Having an HD-sized (or higher) screen will ensure that you won’t encounter any parts of the UI that are clipped.