Recovery didn't park or end sequence procedures

Can anyone shed any light on why my Recovery mode last night didn’t go through the normal sequence finish procedures. There was cloud over at about 02:30 Recovery mode kicked in. This morning the cooler was still on and the mount hadn’t parked as per usual. The sequence was due to stop via ‘finish capture’ procedure at 03:50 - This is the way I have always finished a capture and then it usually parks and does it’s thing!

SGP log: Dropbox - Error
PHD guide log: Dropbox - Error
PHD debug : Dropbox - Error

Thanks for looking

FYI No SGP log is attached. Looks like the PHD debug log was linked twice.


Sorry Jared!

Here you go …

It looks like recovery ended properly at 3:50, but erroneously indicated success in recovery which caused the sequence to try and continue instead of running end of sequence options. This state is pretty hard to reproduce… it seems to be a timing issue, but I think I have found the issue and corrected it.

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Thanks Ken!! So I need to update my SGP to the latest version and it will be fixed?

Eventually, yes. This fix will be out in a week or so in the form of