Recovery failure and sequence abort

is there a way to make SGP attempt the next target in the sequence when recovery fails on the current target (rather than aborting the sequence)?

usually my guiding/recovery failures are due to trees/walls rather than clouds. i usually arrange my targets in order such that when target N is ineligible, N+1 is still OK.



There is not, but I believe I recall this feature has been requested… I’d have to look through to be sure.

OK thanks. i may have requested it, can’t remember. it’s somewhat related to the “compute start/stop time” from horizon constraints request.

I am trying to make my image automation more bullet proof and this issue bit me last night. Clouds came over and the current target reached its time limit, and sure enough, the Recovery process aborted. Even though I have set the max recovery time to 6 hours.

Why can’t it just continue with the next target? The clouds went away 30 minutes later and it was clear for the rest of the night. Most summer nights in the Taos area where my obs is tend to be cloudy till about midnight, then clear for the rest of the night. This will be a major issue for me.