Recovery mode frequent occurance

I’ve noticed on the last two sessions a lot messages that something terrible has happened, before going into recoevery mode. However, the programme did recover and proceed ok eventually. I have a feeling it might be a guiding issue, but would be grateful if you could point up any information from the log that might help the trouble shooting process.
TIA for any input
Aprox time of issue: 23.30 20 May (and others)

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

Typically this is caused by clouds disrupting the guiding. Once the sky clears it will resume. You can always force it to start again too.

I have not had any other things that created the program to go into recovery.

I think you are right in assuming it is coming out of your guiding.



Run your SGP logs through SGP Autofocus Viewer. You’ll see that your autofocus settings need adjusting. Your HFR minimums are around 1.2 but your maximums at the curve tails are only around 2. You need to increase your step size until those tail HFRs are around 3 to 4. Perhaps try increasing the step size from the current 20 to 30 or so, and see how that goes. From memory the recommended ratio of max HFR to min is around 3, so 3 * 1.2 is 3.6 HFR at the curve tails.

Thanks for your reply.

You mean adjusting Step size here to 30 (it seems to be at 10 not 20)?


Ok, if your current step size is 10 then perhaps try 15 to 20; that should give you a slightly deeper curve.