Redcat and ZWO ASI6200 Plate Solve

I’ve been using SGP for more than 3 years. Works great. I just put together a wide field setup with a W.O. Redcat (fl 250mm) and an ASI6200 with 9500 X 6500 (approx.) pixels at 3.08 "/px. I was unable to get SGP to plate solve the image. Here is a screen shot of the log.

My suggestion is to switch to ASTAP as plate solver, it works both better and faster than PS2, usually the success rate for solving is 100% unless there’s clouds or something else causing problems.

I recently had a very similar problem and was able to solve it by changing the settings in platesolve. I believe what you need to change is the “Max Star Size” play with that on an image you took and see if you can solve it. I cannot find the original reference i uised to figure this out and my astro computer is not on, but that should point you in the right direction. Once I tweaked the settings it worked for me.


Xplode, I’ll give this a try. Sounds great.

Mikecmp, I’ll try this to night. Thanks for the tip.

Installed ASTAP. Worked perfectly.

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