Release Notes

Is there a summary release note available that shows the changes and fixes in the different releases? For me it is impossible to track the changes between the many updates.

Me too!

For the latest release, it appears to have one change:

“ * Suppressing error in auto center message from notifications”

For us newbies, a description on how this updates enhances previous efforts like auto flats etc. would be great!


You can always find what changed here:

For this latest release it was really just a bug fix to suppress an error that was annoying people because of the Notification System Changes in the previous release.


Clicking through all the releases to find out what has changed/improved is a bit cumbersome. It would be nice to collect all entries in readme or relase notes. Then we could also search for a specific topic if this has been already addressed. It would also not hurt if the entries would be more verbose. Before I posted the error message from last night I tried to find this topic in the release infos but I could not match my error with the entry from 968.

That’s fair. We can probably add a page that gets generated when we release that just aggregates all of the notes together. I’ll see about adding that to our site.