Remaining time (bug or my stupidity?)

I have a sequence target with a bunch of frames to go, but the time remaining shows as zero.

If I activate NGC 5451, it shows a sequence time of 3:10 but thats just the time for 5451.

I’ve been looking over the settings thinking that I missed clicking something, but can’t find it.



This is because there are no target candidates with remaining frames. Any target with a checkmark is complete (and will remain complete even if you add frames to it). To add it back to the sequence, right click it and choose the option to mark it as incomplete.

Ahhh. But it wasnt complete. As you can see from the image, it still has frames to shoot. These were not added later.
It did however reach a time limit and stop on the previous night. But it didn’t complete.

This still marked the target as complete for that run (as is indicated by the checkmark).

Ok, so the check mark is ‘finished what it was set up to do, without errors’. Not ‘sequence complete’.
Thanks for the info.

Exactly. I’ll try and update the help menu to add some clarity here.