Renewal and number of simultaneous installs

Hi, I’ve sent an email to days ago but I never got a reply. I don’t think the forum is the right place to discuss about this but I don’t know what else I can do.

I’d like to renew my subscription but I need 5 licences instead of the current 3. What is the cost of the new subscription when switching between plans and how can I change the number of simultaneus installs? From my subscription section in my account I can renew only, there’s no button to change the number of installs before renewal.
Thank you

Your questions are probably inline with questions that others have so it’s not terrible. In terms of exchanging any private info, we’d take that offline. We are behind on email support and tend to prioritize the forum when we have time…

The cost is prorated depending on the date of your subscription renewal. Since everyone is in the midst of their first plan year, you’ll just pay the prorated amount between the 3 installs license plan ($149) and the 5 installs license plan ($229). Specifically, $79 discounted by the amount of time left in the current cycle. After the cycle ends, the maintenance fee will increase to $99 / year, up from $59.

In order to upgrade your plan, you can go to your account settings and navigate to the Subscriptions area. Once there, click the “upgrade” button. Alternatively, you can just login and then navigate to the “Buy Now” section and choose the new plan.

Hi Ken and thank you for the really quick reply!
Ok, My purchase date is april 16th 2020, so my current (2021) renewal is on hold since I didn’t need updates or upgrade till now.
I cannot see the upgrade button seen in your attached screenshot, but I can just pay for the current renewal.
How can I proceed? Pay for this order and then upgrade to 5 installs at 69$ for the current subscription (2021 - valid until april 16th 2022)? That’s the way to do it?
Thank you

Ok, let me take a look. Some accounts are in a weird place because we extended the length of the first cycle and the software that manages payment cycles may be confused.


I took a look through our email backlog and I don’t see one from you. I’ll start an email conversation with the findings here, but want to make sure that the email address you used for your MSS web site account is where I should sent it. Can you confirm?

Yes, confirmed, that’s my email address, thank you!