Repeated Critical Errors

For multiple nights in a row now, I set a sequence to work and it is chugging along well when SGP suddenly opens up a dialogue box that says there is an OS_Error in connecting to my SBIG camera (which is a 16803). The sequence will not recover automatically, and I need to abort, close out SGP and restart the sequence to get everything going again. Note, if significant, that it is not enough that I just abort and disconnect/reconnect the equipment within the running SGP instance. I have to close completely out of SGP and reopen it then reconnect everything.

Other nights, everything works without a hitch. I haven’t identified any pattern in terms of target, sequence, physical position, etc.

I have confirmed physically that even when SGP is unable to connect, devices are still powered (focuser and camera are easy because lights/screen/fan are still on; flipflat confirmed by connecting to it directly using the Optec software and opening and closing the flatbox, all while SGP was unable to connect).

When I look in the logs across several nights, this problem sometimes appears to begin after the open shutter command is sent to the camera. Immediately after that, a cascading series of error messages follows, all saying that SGP can’t connect to any of the attached equipment (e.g. filter wheel, focuser, rotator, flat box) - the reason given appears to always be that the “port is closed”. (log with approximate times of errors below). Other times, it begins during autofocus, when the logs show “Error in IsMoving wrapper. : The port is closed”), with a similar cascade of errors that follows, affecting all the other equipment (e.g. “SBIG Error while querying CFW device (position): OS_ERROR”).

Would appreciate any guidance or insight here. Cables do not appear to be an issue, given that the equipment stays operational and can be connected to with other software programs. All the equipment is connected to an on-the-OTA Eagle3 which has been fully configured to avoid any USB port sleep issues.

Link to Logs!AsHXUvMw3K77gfxeKYlIZF7kaEv8Eg?e=xx9U8r Errors at ~22:36 through 22:46!AsHXUvMw3K77gfxg27WCZBI3g2V5QA?e=yYXkbx Errors at ~22:53!AsHXUvMw3K77gfxh0ueEXc62qAdTGQ?e=TEMoPh

Useful Info

OS: Windows 10

Just adding more data to this request in the hopes that it will help pinpoint the potential source of the problem.

In this log, the problem occurs at 01:36:07. It appears that this occurs while the image is being read from the camera, and indeed the error dialogue box that appeared in SGP Pro said that the camera had timed out while trying to save the image. As you can see, the logs show then show the same cascading “port closed” problem for all the attached equipment as seen in the prior logs. For what it is worth, by shutting down and restarting SGP I was able to get everything working again without any interaction with the hardware (so guessing it isn’t a simultaneous issue with all my cables or USB port).!AsHXUvMw3K77gf84iAw7D8sx3jkedQ?e=JFLwxR

In the next log, just below, everything ran perfectly all night long. I am including just in case it can serve as a “control” to help identify the problem. I’ve tried to see what differences there might be that could trigger an issue, but really don’t see any. These logs are all run using the same sequence, with pretty much the same set of actions…!AsHXUvMw3K77gf85JILibj267cMghQ?e=seW0xE

Any help figuring this out would be appreciated.