Reporting "Focuser failed to move to the auto focus position" - in Error

Using Win8.1 with v2.3.13.2473 , home built focuser and controller.
I have had several occurrences of SGPro reporting
"Error in auto focus! Focuser failed to move to the auto focus position (6131). Focuser reports it is at 6071."
though of course with different values.
It doesn’t appear to cause any catastrophic failure but has caused me to re-run the autofocus just in case it hadn’t succeeded

This seems to be related to backlash compensation. I have backlash set at IN 150 steps
I have posted SGPro, Focuser and Ascom Serial snippets in
the message is at the end of an autofocus routine and in the snippet the focuser is at position 6071, SGPro wants a move to 6131 then adds 150 and sends a move to 6281. On the way to 6281 SGPro is asking for position (in the focuser log) and as it passes 6131 SGPro issues the failure message.
However the focuser is still moving towards 6281. When it does reach 6281 SGPro then issues the move to 6131.



This is probably related to Keith’s issues. We are currently investigating what is going on with this stuff.


It might be the same cause but I didn’t think so when I looked through the forum mainly because In my case it reports an error in position, it doesn’t in Keith’s problem.
They are both at the end of an AF run so that does make it more likely to be the same cause.

It certainly appeared to me that SGPro spotted the eventual focus position from the ASCOM get Position as it went past to the backlash position.
I do have other snippets with the same symptoms.

Since I wrote the underlying Arduino code and the driver I can add traps & traces in the code if you need any more detailed tracing.