Request feature to center focus box

It would be very handy to be able to draw a centered box for the focus area when aligning the telescope. Many drawing programs use the shift key to change modes to center the drawn item. So I suggest that when the user holds down the shift key that the focus box be centered in the image/

I’m not sure what you’re referencing. What do you mean “focus area when aligning the telescope”? if you’re using “Center Here” you just need to right click to send the scope to that location. We’ll need more detail to understand exactly what you’re attempting to do.


Sorry about the terminology. I was referring to Frame & Focus/ Use Sub frame (drawing the sub frame). When aligning the scope it is very helpful to be able to do a sub frame to get quick refresh, but to also maintain the exact center of the image.

I promise, I am not trying to frustrate you… just want to ensure that we understand what you are asking for. All feature requests result in:

  • Modification of your routine to use SGPro in the intended manner - OR -
  • A feature request we pull into our queue.

In the case of the latter… I’m still not sure I am following what you are after here (assuming it is not related to the odd subframe selection issue in frame and focus).

I’m not frustrated as I too am a developer and understand what is like to be at the other end of the request queue. My apologies for not being more concise.

When aligning the scope, I’m trying the get the star image centered in the camera image. (obviously) Once I start to get close I would like to switch to a sub frame so that it updates faster, however, if I hand draw a sub frame it is difficult to get the sub frame centered in the larger image. So the proposal is to use the Shift key while drawing to force the sub frame (drawing) to be centered. The shift key seems to be a common method used for this function in many drawing programs.

There is an alternative approach to consider. The real issue is the bulls eye is drawn centered on the sub frame. If the bulls eye was drawn relative the full image rather than the sub image that would also solve the problem. That is, the position of the bulls eye would be calculated relative the location of the sub frame within the main frame. Having the bulls eye centered in the sub frame is misleading. For example, if you draw the sub frame in the corner of the main frame you still get the bulls eye centered in the sub frame.