Request: JNow for Mosaic Wizard

Some telescopes work with JNow, not J2000. As best I can tell, the Frame and Mosaic Wizard is returning J2000. An important example of such are telescopes being controlled by TheSkyX including the various paramounts such as my MyT.

I can use recentering, but there are times (for long involved reasons) that I don’t want to use plate solving and recentering.

It would be very nice if we could have the option of choosing between the two. If we had to choose just one, my vote would be JNow.

I know this has been requested before and I’m adding my voice.



This feature will very welcome, it makes life easier if you are using theskyx.



Please add this soon :smile:

Archiving. A 2.4.X version will see a complete switch of ALL coordinates used within the application to JNow (Not just MFW).

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Not to make things more complex than they are, but plate solve results given by pinpoint are j2000.
how sgp would deal with that ?

Currently SGPro uses only the J2000 epoch across the entirety of the application (we may switch to JNow later). I probably don’t fully understand your question, but if something requires J2000 or JNow, we will simply convert it internally prior to asking Pinpoint to do anything. This part shouldn’t matter much to the user.

Ok, let’s say you ask pin point a solve in order to sync a mount.
pin point will give you j2000 coordinate , and sgp will have to convert internally in jnow.

That was just to understand the right way.


That’s about right. We will query the mount to see what epoch it wants and just give it that.

As a side note , i thought telescope ascom drivers were able to automatically convert j2000 to jnow :
for example a planetarium connected to a telecope send j2000 coordinate to point to an object
and the ascom driver convert and send jnow to the telescope.

This is a bit confusing, isn’it ?