Resize Panels or Move


<IMy Display will not let me use Ver 4x …Flats Calibration Window is too big for my displays>

**I would like to use the 4x version of SGP but the Flats Calibration Panel is too big for my display and I cannot run it. Yes, I have the display set to maximise my chances. I have two older Dell laptops that I use with a permanent setup. So my request is to have the ability to move the Panel up high enough so I can select RUN or the ability to resize the panel. I posted this a year or so ago, not as a request, but hoping someone would have an answer for my issue.

I am happy with 3x but obviously would like to take advantage of the new features in 4X without having to buy two laptops*

OS: <Windows Ver 10>
Ver: <Ver 3x>

Hi there. SGPro 4 is optimized for HD screens and, for any non-zoomed Windows display, we commit to ensuring that all the various pieces and parts of it will fit in that size display. What size screen and zoom are you using?

I have attached two screen shots that has that info. The 1366 x 768 is the max

I am assuming since you have not responded that there is no answer for Ver 4 and my laptop. I will continue using Ver 3 as this is not the only window that is difficult to use…the Planning tools are all but impossible to use. Again, it would be great if they could be either resized or movable. Maybe down the road!

Sorry, I wasn’t aware that you were awaiting an answer. In my initial response I noted that SGPro is guaranteed to fit on HD screens and nothing below that resolution is checked during testing.