Resume issue after paused sequence


When I pause and run end sequence options everything goes nice, scope gets parked etc. But when I hit resume scope wont slew, SGP thinks its still on the target and starts platesolve. I have eq8 and Eqmod. If I clear sequence progress everything goes fine. But it would be nice if I dont need to reset everything or restart SGP just to resume my Imaging. Is this a feature or bug?

Hi Jussi,

Try Sequence => Reset Sequence (Preserve Progress). Executing that puts SGP into the same state it would be in when you first just open it, so it has the same effect as closing and re-openeing SGP.


I’m not sure. Mostly because I don’t really understand what you mean here:

You seem to be saying that it won’t slew, but you are unhappy because it starts to slew.

Please see this and we’ll try to help out…

I mean I don’t understand why SGP won’t remember it has parked scope, when aborting sequence and doing end sequence thingies like parking scope and closing roof. I think it would be logical if SGP itself parks the scope, it would re-slew it to target when resuming to target.

Thanks Andy Ill use that. I was just wondering why things work way they do.

Hello All,
Lets sort this out…I concur with this issue Jussi report, I get this too but have not had time to report, now looks like the ripe time.

So lets do this the correct way…Here’s the Log file:

sg_logfile_20160208165758.txt (222.3 KB)

Ran a simple sequence with ASCOM EQMOD Simulator mount, the V2 simulator camera and PHD2 using a simulated camera. Used a target aquired from the F & M wizard for the sequence.

This is what I done to match the Log:

  1. Run sequence and wait for the first image to begin exposing

  2. Paused sequence and chose Abort current frame and had ‘Run end of sequence actions’ checked ( Exposure is aborted and the mount parks as it should and ‘Resume Sequence’ is displayed in the Sequence modules button)

  3. Click ‘Resume Sequence’

This is what happens next:

  1. My optional start of sequence message appears

  2. Warning about mount being parked and I choose ‘YES’ to allow an un-park (This usually then un-parks mount “announced by ASCOM voice - UN-PARKED” & begins slewing but no Un-parked voice comes from ASCOM and mount is still parked)

  3. Status bar shows: Starting and Calibrating the auto guider, Please Wait… (PHD2 calibrates)

  4. As soon as PHD2 begins guiding ASCOM voice shouts…‘UNPARKED’ (mount IS un-parked, still in the PARKED position but not tracking)

  5. Status bar shows ‘Auto guider is settling’ with my set 10 seconds count up in progress until satisfied

  6. Imaging resumes but with the mount un-parked and still in the parked position & not tracking.

Hmmmm, something not quite right there


This is expected… for this message there is no difference between run and resume.

This message is expected. Not sure about the “voices” thing (those are either EQMOD or in your in head). This should unpark the mount though so I’ll take a look at this.

This is also not right…

I think that some of this comes from fact that the code to handle end of sequence option fell out of sync with the resume code.

Sounds good Ken,

I have no voices in my head though, in EQASCOM you can assign audio files to certain events like Park, Un-Park, Sidereal rate etc. When SGP requests an un-park and it happens, EQASCOM plays the selected audio file I have assigned to that event which is quite good really, if SGP slews to a target I hear ‘Slewing to target’ and when it gets there it says ‘Slew Complete’ in a rather attractive ladies voice.


Great if your not looking at your screen due to making dinner or something !


I think I have this fixed. I am assuming that the error to which you are referring is present because you aborted the sequence and resumed it the next evening (otherwise, why would you choose to run end of sequence options?). Anyhow… if you do this now, sequence resume (across park events) is now smart enough to know if the resume action has a scope that “should still be” or “is not” pointing to the target.

I am still not sure I believe there are not ASCOM voices in your head… but if they help with debugging or issue replication, I am OK with that.

In my case abort may happen if focusing routine fails. (Stars get too big donuts with my 12" RC) and I want to change parameters. Or clouds passing by for hour or whatever.