Retaining file name convention

I would like all my image files to be saved with a standard naming convention. The markup characters available for the File Name (%tn, etc) seem designed to support this. But I can’t figure out how to get it to retain these settings as a default when I start a new session. I tried File/Save Sequence as Profile, but it didn’t retain them.

How do I save my file name preferences? Do I have to save the sequence as a named SGF file? If so, how do I specify that it should load that file as a default instead of the Untitled “Target Set 1” sequence when I start a new session?


Look under Tools then Options. One of the parameters is the “Custom file name pattern”. Whatever you set here will be the default naming pattern. You can also set a default folder to save in etc.

I knew it had to be in there somewhere. Thanks.

I’ve been using Sequence Generator since before it was “Pro” and I still find things all the time that I didn’t know SGP could do or where to set the parameters etc. SGP is so powerful but is still relatively easy to use and figure out.