Retention of More than One Camera's Info in Framing & Mosaic Wizard

I have two ATIK cameras, a 383L and a 3l4e. When I go to use the Framing and Mosaic wizard and change from one camera to the other, the Pixel and Chip Size do not change from the last camera used. That is, the settings for each camera are not permanently recorded. If you switch cameras you must input the pixel size and scope focal length again, otherwise if you change cameras, you will get the wrong field of view. The parameters are not linked to the individual camera. Am I correct on this or not, or, am I missing something? Many thanks in advance…

I’m not really sure what you mean by switch from one camera to the other (in terms of what actions you are performing in SGPro), but the MFW will use whatever camera data is available to it in the control panel (camera area). This data is, of course, swapped out by opening different sequences. One sequence with one camera and one with the other.

So… load your 383 sequence, the camera data will reflect this and the MFW will assume you are making a mosaic for it. Load the 314 sequence you have made and the MFW will use that camera data and assume you are making a mosaic for it.

Sequence are made using equipment profiles as templates so you only need to enter this data once per camera.