Return focuser position when cancelling AF

One thing I’ve noticed – say you’ve got focus set at 2000. If manually running AF and AF expands the focus window, if you hit cancel, the focuser returns to the new base set point for the new run, not the original 2000. This might be by design, or might be a bug, but wanted to mention it…

I have noticed this too. When I hit cancel it is frequently because the extension is wrong (probably because I did something wrong) and I want it to return to its original position.


Thanks. The new behavior of the cancel button is that it will return to whatever position the focuser was at when then AF session started (not to starting position of the last run).

If you start at 2000, run and re-run AF 5 times and arrive at 4000, hitting cancel will return to 2000, whereas the center of the last run was likely somewhere near 3900 (or whatever)