Reverse focuser strange behavior

I’m using SGP 64-bit and had my first clear skies for many weeks. I am using it with a Pegasus Ultimate Power box as a focuser.
I was just trying a new refractor and realized I needed to reverse my focusing polarities. I changed the setting in SGP (rather than in the Pegasus controller) and the reported position went all screwy. From a position of about 5000, with a move of 100 units it flipped to 99999 or similar. I am not entirely sure where the issue lies. Some more investigation is required. I will find my old Lakeside motor controller and contrast and compare.
Has anyone seen similar?

Reversing in SGP will have that effect. Basically if you’re at 1000 and your max range is 10000 then SGP will report your current position as 10,000 - 1000 = 9000.

Maybe not the ideal way to handle this. In general reversing at the “source” is the better option.


thanks - that explains why my two focusers do different things, as they have different limits.

I just realized I assembled the focuser spindle around the wrong way… problem solved!
64-bit version has run four 4 nights without issue.