RGB capture like APT and SharpCap have

PLEASE allow the RGB color space like these other programs have.
I so want to buy and use SGP and I just can’t bring myself to do it with all
the post I have to do as is.
= (

As I mentioned in the other thread … you will have to Debayer NO MATTER WHAT if you’re capturing saving as FIT. It doesn’t matter if we DISPLAY the image as color…the actual FITs files will have to be Debayered…it’s just a fact of life as FIT data is almost always 16BPP (16 bits per pixel grayscale). I can guarantee you if you hand me a FIT file that came from APT or SharpCap it will be 16BPP and grayscale. Just because they debayer for display means nothing about how the data is saved.

If you don’t want to deal with debayering then I suggest you capture as CR2 if shooting with a Canon or NEF if shooting with a Nikon. Both of those are available for their respective DSLRs in the Settings for those cameras.

We do CAPTURE color compatible images (to the standard FITs specification), we just don’t DISPLAY in RBG.

Hope that helps,

I want a one shot color image, in the other apps. (feature request) I don’t save as fits. I save as tif or png. or AVI. They are ready to edit in pshop or share once saved.
This area said it was feature requests? I requested… I love SGP but I never use it. I play with it a lot, testing and setting it up.
But when it comes grabbing images I call up the other programs to use. I just can’t make the transition without this feature. = (

I’m sure there are other DLSR and OSC users out there that would purchase it as well with this feature.
(BackyardEOS is selling like hotcakes). just say’n.

Sorry, this is not something we’re interested in doing. I think you’ll soon find that TIF and PNG are not adequate for astrophotography needs once you start taking multiple images and stacking. If you’re taking single frames they can work but that’s not what the vast majority of folks doing AP do.


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I’ve just did it by myself. I’ve added ‘debayer’ feature to my SGP (it is not affect original FIT, just show the color preview):

Now working on ‘Live Stacking’ option…

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Wow. How is this possible?

I familiar with C# (programming language which been used to write SGP code), so I just did some modifications. Because I’ve asked for this feature (just like many other people), but SGP team has refused these requests. So now I know that I can count only on myself…

So you’re saying you have the source code for SGP?

No, I have no source code. But my experience with .NET and C# allows me to do modification to any existing app.