Rigelsys nFRAME Rotator

Unable to configure this rotator in equipment manager. The ASCOM driver appears in the drop list as GCUSB_nSTEP_Rotator1_SANA.Rotator. The Settings button errors with - Check Driver: Cannot create object type of progID: GCUSB_nSTEP_Rotator1_SANA.Rotator. I can start the ASCOM driver program via the GCUSB_nSTEP_Rotator1_SANA.exe file in Program Files (x86) Common Files/ASCOM/Rotator and operate the rotator. SGP will not configure to use that driver. Any solution?

Did you configure the focuser driver? You have to configure both focuser and rotator driver. I used to have this setup so i know it works properly.

Thanks for the idea I had not done that. On consulting with Rigelsys, they have a new version of the driver for the nFRAME v1.02I, Installing that one has solved the problem. My problem is solved! The nSTEP focuser works too.