Roof closing timer

With using the Aleko roof motor I would like to kill the 120v power to the motor once the roof is open and the scope unparked the problem is once you park the scope and power restored to the roof motor there is a delay before you can close the roof this delay is in the Aleko
Sgp will command the roof to close but it won’t move and you have to hit the closed button after about 10secs and it will close
I was wondering if you can add a timer to the roof close command


I would second this feature: Some means to add a slight delay in the end of sequence options script to account for power-on times of various pieces of equipment, namely roll-off roof motors.

Using photocells to kill the power to the roof motor when the scope is unparked ensures that no software hiccups or accidental clicks will move the roof and damage the scope (essentially a hardware failsafe in the event that the software runs into an issue). However, some motors require a few seconds to sort themselves out once power is restored (mount is parked), and if the close command from SGP is issued before the motor is ready to receive it, the roof stays open. Some way to add/adjust a delay (in seconds) to the roof closing command would resolve this issue.