Rosetta Nebula - at last

The sequence started in October but poor weather has meant that there have been about 12 separate attempts to get enough SIIHaOIII + RGB for the stars. Acquired with SGP, PHD2 on a Paramount MX and William Optics star 71. I just love the way that SGP just picks up from where it left off, in this case through many Beta versions too.

Processed in PixInsight over the weekend.


Nice job buzz. Is this a mosaic too?

No, it is full frame on a QSI 683 camera. The SII is quite weak and I might follow one of the PixInsight tutorials which blends the channels for a less dramatic effect.

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Loads of cloud about, so I re-processed the image - only this time, I did not entirely eliminate the stars in the NB channels before combining them to form the color image. I processed the luminance (the three channels added together) about the same, using masked stretch at the beginning. I also then changed the way I popped the RGB stars back in. Before I used a star mask and blended with PixelMath. This time, I did a little equation: iif(RGBstar>NBColor, RGBstar, NBColor) - the star pixels only get popped in if their luminance is greater. Much sharper than using a star mask. I also decided to go for more subtle detail rather than cartoon colors.


much better chris.

That’s superb!! I am determined to get beyond the basics of PI this year…