Rotate through targets?

I don’t think this is possible, but I’ll ask anyway - is it possible to rotate through targets in a similar fashion that you can rotate through events within a target?

My specific use case is for mosaics. For example, I’m taking a 2-panel mosaic of the Rosette Nebula. I would like to run through a single sequence of events on one panel of the Rosette, then switch to the other panel to run through a single sequence, then back to the first panel, and so on. This would ensure that I’m taking subs on both panels on the same night. I want to avoid having a set of subs on a steady night on one half of the nebula and a set of subs on a wavy night on the other.


Correct, SGPro does not support this because the overhead of movement between targets per frame would typically be very high. Not a lot of mount movement, but still a bunch of time dropped into the centering process and then potentially other items like guider restart, filters and auto focus. I think something like this would need to rely on a pointing model and simple “slew” and avoid the centering process altogether.

For my specific target, the overhead would be small enough that I wouldn’t care. I guess that I can just set up the targets such that they only go through one run of images (which could be one or two hours each) duplicate the targets in the overall sequence. I do a similar workaround to do multiple frames in a target sequence (e.g. LLLLLRRRGGGBBB as a sequence) and set the capture to rotate through the frames, if that makes sense. So, I would do Rosette-1/Rosette-2/Rosette-1/Rosette-2/… as the overall sequence.

Yes please implement a feature like this. I think you are definitely overstating the overhead required and even if so it’s still the best way to do mosaics in inconsistent skies and over long periods of time to make the best image. In many cases you have to rotate through filters and targets to make sure each panel gets coverage across the various altitudes during the night as well as varying sky conditions from one night to the next or it creates a ton of issues during post processing and matching panels. There’s a lot of people who would like to see this happen. There’s been a feature request floating around since 2017 for it.