Rotational offset measurement

Thanks to weather and my high integration times my projects usually span several weeks, perhaps a couple months. It never fails that during that time some rotation is introduced into the image train, either due to maintenance or a component spinning loose etc.

It would be nice to have the ability, say in the frame and focus routine, to provide a reference frame and then be able to measure or display any rotational offset and correct it.

I can also see such a routine being helpful planning and executing mosaics when an auto-rotator is not used.


You can already do this.

  • Plate solve a reference frame of your choice…perhaps a frame from a previous night. The solve will give the rotation of that frame.
  • Take and plate solve a current frame using Frame and Focus.
  • Connect to a Manual Rotator
  • On the “Other” tab of Control Panel, manually sync to the current rotation given by the solve of the current frame. (If it is not already populated by the previous solve)
  • Use the rotation given by the reference frame solve to set the camera to that rotation using the manual rotator interface.