Rotator logic change?

Hey guys, I am using a nitecrawler since the end of 2016 and have never seem to have gotten rotation right until figuring out I had to have the negative checked in the ascom settings around summer this year. But now using beta I started a sequence up from the previous night, and had started the sequence before plate solving. The rotator went passed the desired mark and ALL the way around again…

So I unchecked the negative rotation in ascom and restarted the sequence to have rotation fail.

I have been down since october 2018 until now, and was using the latest version of 3 released in Aug 2018 without issue.

Anything change since then?

edit: log
sg_logfile_20190103200802.txt (282.8 KB)

Yes, logic in the beta will store the rotator offset between sessions and should actually result in less erroneous rotations when starting SGP. When you say it went “ALL the way around again” are you meaning it did a complete 360? SGP likely told the rotator to go to a certain position but I’m not sure why the Nitecrawler would have commanded a complete rotation. Once you do a solve and sync with SGP and the rotator connected it should persist the offset from the rotator angle to the sky angle, generally this is automatic if using auto center.


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I started tonight by re-enabling the reverse rotator command in the driver. I then synced up and then began my sequence with the target being centered. Rotator worked like a charm.

For my next run, the rot pos /sky angle should be remembered?


Yes, the offset from your rotator angle to the sky angle will be remembered.


Ok. Some thing is definitely up with SGP and nitecrawler version 6.2.6939 rotator logic.

I’ve wasted a half hour try to center and rotate… center is fine but rotation. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::pleading_face: SGP does not respect the current position and complete runs past it and is continually doing full loops around. This makes the modality of the auto center dialog especially frustrating lol and when its remote my gawd I want to falcon punch my monitor (not worth task managering closing SGP tho, causes worse frustrations with the equipment in limbo).

Also, I thought I was going crazy, but I think the rotator is barely moving. Again, I am remote so I am not there and my sec cameras are down at the moment.

Video of my confusion

sg_logfile_20190114203647.txt (693.8 KB)

Can positively confirm this is a beta bug.

SGP NiteCrawler rotation works as expected.

Also, is there a way you guys could ad an ALL STOP or something similar to centering dialog? I think it needs to wait after pressing Done for all issued actions to be completed. But some times its useful to stop everything in the case of trouble shooting. I could see this be problematic if people were trying to emergency stop cord wrap on a rotator.

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Hm, that’s really interesting. There’s really very little difference between .151 and the beta with regards to the rotator. The main difference is that the beta stores the offset while .151 has to get it from a sync. But once the sync happens they’re essentially identical.

I’m running the beta, with a Nitecrawler, and haven’t seen this issue. I’ll see if I can duplicate it though and will add some more logging in the beta around rotation.