Rotator Question

I am running a QSI 683 with a Moonlite Nitecrawler on an AP 1200 GTO 1200 mount. I have a question about the operation of a rotator and rotation of the FOV when using the Target Settings. As an example, I have a Sequence for imaging M101 and I have the “Rotate Camera to” box checked in the Target Settings with a specific value of 232.7 degrees. If I click on Center Now, the scope slews to the correct coordinates and M101 is close to being centered. However, no rotation takes place. If I start a sequence run the scope DOES slew and then rotate to the correct orientation.

Why doesn’t the software enable the rotator to work when clicking Center Now? I guess that I don’t really understand how the rotator works yet and I am uncertain about the purpose of “Center Now”. It is an odd terminology that does not really imply that rotation will be performed. To me “Center” does not necessarily include rotation. Can anyone explain what is happening in these circumstances and why rotation only takes place during a sequence run and not when Center Now is clicked?

Because there is a separate option for that: