Rotator ....When, Where , and Why?

About to get my new rotator (Pyxis LE)… After reading the instructions, and all the similar topics here , I am even more confused. I thought my question was pretty straight forward…

So here is what I do …

  1. Connect all equipment to SGP
  2. Slew to the target THEN solve and sync the scope
  3. Center the target
  4. Connect to PHD and Calibrate
  5. Begin imaging.

So my question is …if I want to use a rotator where and when should I use it. Before , during , or after all of the above or does it even matter ??? What happens after a meridian flip, do I have to start all over ??

Thanks for the Help !!

All you should need to do is populate the desired target angle in the target settings and auto center will take care of the rotation for you.

Doesn’t matter. Just make sure your target settings are correct (needs angle east of north).

PHD2 flips your calibration data after a flip so you don’t need to worry about that.

GREAT… Thank YOU !!! SGP just keeps getting better and better !!

Dennis, by the way you should connect the rotator in PHD2 in addition to connecting it in SGP. PHD2 will automatically adjust your calibration when the rotator angle is changed so you do not need to recalibrate at different angles.

Would that only apply for OAG setups? If using a separate guidescope and camera, no need to bother PHD?



Thanks Andy…that was my next question. It is an OAG , btw.