Rotators + PHD2 + ONAG + "Recalibrate autoguider when target changes"

I have a CEM60 (controlled via ASCOM), a Moonlite Nitecrawler, and SGPRo + PHD2. This is all working great. I’m interested in getting Innovation Foresight’s ONAG to take advantage of real-time autofocus. However, IF’s SkyGuide/SkyGuard guiding software does not yet support rotators, meaning if I change targets with a different sky angle in the middle of the night I’ll have to manually recalibrate the guider (PHD2 automatically does the maths when the angle changes and doesn’t need to recalibrate). This is holding me up from purchasing the ONAG… I emailed them a few months ago and they said rotator support is an upcoming feautre.

However, I then remembered SGPro’s “Recalibrate autoguider when target changes” option. I understand this is probably intended for those using ST4 to guide instead of ASCOM. But my question is: where in the sequence of events will it force the guider to recalibrate? For this option to work with SkyGuide/SkyGuard I would need SGPro to slew to the new target and rotate to the new target’s sky angle before SGPro asks the guider to recalibrate, that way SkyGuide will recalibrate with the new angle. Is this how it works, and does anyone know if that recalibrate option works with SkyGuide?