Run complete

Evening guys.

Could someone explain why my sequence stops and the wording ‘Run complete’ is displayed even though there’s more exposures to go?

I’ve had this happen quite a few times after I’ve paused a sequence. If I now pause a sequence I automatically select ‘reset sequence progress’ and start again as this seems to cure the problem,

A few nights ago I was one and a half hours into a 6 hour sequence and ‘Run complete’ popped up (without pausing). It was a good job I was awake to rectify it, otherwise I would have lost hours worth of data.

any ideas why this happens?

Many thanks,


Under target settings …do you have Time Constraints checked by accident ???

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I’ve experienced the same problem at the start of a session and don’t have time constraints checked. Hasn’t been a real problem, more of an annoyance, but since it was brought up…My guess is that we’ll have to send in a log which I don’t have.

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So, is this something not worthy of investigation or comment by the developers?