Running flats sequence without autofocus

I tried adding flats to a sequence and running sequence but it kept saying autofocuser was not connected (I had only connected camera and filter as lights already done) After going into autofocus settings in control panel and unchecking autofocus it worked fine. Why won’t flats work ok without autofocus connected?

Currently it is still trying to focus as part of the sequence as one of the options is to focus on sequence start. This probably should be made smarter.


I have created an equipment profile for taking flats and darks that only contains my camera and filter wheel. I then create a sequence for taking flats using this profile.
Works like a charm

Two years on and I’ve recently added environmental sensor to my set up and included in the profiles. When I try to run darks / flats etc SGP won’t start the run if the environment sensor is in unsafe mode which is crazy since i don’t need the lid open for darks etc. Very similar to the previous issue. Was it ever made smarter? I acknowledge Robby9newbie’s comment but I don’t want a separate equipment profile for just calibration files

One thing to look out for is to make sure the target type is correctly configured.

I spent about 15 minutes last night trying to shoot a dark library and it kept saying a plate solver was needed. Even though the equipment profile was “Camera only” and plate solver was set for none.

Finally figured out I had left the type as “Lights”, once I changed it to “Darks” or “Bias” it was fine.

I assume it is the same issue for flats.