SAFE STATUS? Dome shutter close?

Hi Gang.

I have a cloudwatcher that sets conditions to SAFE or UNSAFE. It does a remarkable job.

SGP - I have the proper driver the AAGCW safety monitor selected and active. This shows a “SAFETY” light in lower right corner of SGP window. If cloud watcher is unsafe - I see it’s RED on SGP. And if cloud watcher is safe I see the button is green in SGP.

GREAT but…

When the shutter is open. (it’s reported as open). and then the cloud watcher reports (rain/unsafe) any reason… the button changes color to red, but the shutter down close? Is there a place in SGP to “close on unsafe” confitions?

Since SGP knows “it’s unsafe” and knows that the shutter is “open” I suspect it’s a SGP question. It has to send “closed” when safety becomes unsafe.

According to the help file, Unsafe causes an end of sequence and you have to set the appropriate end of sequence actions set for each device. There is not end of sequence for a dome so you have to have the dome set to close when the telescope parks and have the telescope do a park at end of sequence.

I’ll test that thanks - though I often use the setup remote and just do things like frame and focus subs (often not doing a sequence). It would be nice if it could do a safety check outside of a running sequence. For example, I may be focusing (and it might start raining I’d not know) Or I might leave the setup while going to teh bath room and a sequence isn’t running yet. Again rain or clouds should trigger SGP any time not just during a sequence. Hopefully they can make that tweak.

It is a feature in SGP. You can configure it to “slave” an observatory dome shutter or roll off roof to a telescope mount. When (un)parking the mount SGP can then also issue the relevant ASCOM commands to open or close the shutter or roof.