Safty check to prompt startup

can sgp check the weatherstation input and startup if it clears during the night for example?

No. Weather support was bootstrapped in because of a certain someone (me) complaining a lot. :slight_smile:️ It is meant as a single fail safe to end operations and save your equipment. It’d be awesome if SGP had higher level support… But it’s unlikely unless more people express a desire for it.

Personally I’d love to see real time monitoring similar to what CCD Commander or CCDAP has.

I will express that desire, trying to go as unattended as possible,l have all the monitoring in place and it is great that SGP will shut everything down with a unsafe event. But currently what clear I am getting is tends to be post 1am and would have to up and about to start the sequence.

I would be useful to be able start a sequence with wait for safe event, will agree that this poses it own challenges with target selection unless you have target you know you can get to all night.

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Agreed. Maybe this can be one of the big v2.5 pushes. I imagine it as an add on since not everyone would use it.

So to summarize, we’d like safety monitoring integrated into recovery mode with a time limit (it’s been safe for 30 minutes). If the weather data recognized it’s is ‘safe’, recovery mode would open the roof/slit, and resume via normal recovery mode.

Does that sum it up for everyone? If you’re reading this and think it would be useful, please post showing interest.


partially agree, i personally would like to leave my system in a check mode, where if it clears over night it selects a target from a choice which is in a defined best location area of the sky and starts to image, (for me that is in the south east above 30 degrees) pause and wait if it goes cloudy again. repeate accordingly.

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There is a feature request for something similar. I’d recommending finding it. It specifically addresses being able to define when an object is below a certain altitude and switching to the next target.