Save as mono fits enhancement

I have been using SGP for the past few months and really liked it. There is one thing I really wish to be there.
At the beginning of my imaging session, I often do some imaging study to tune the exposure using frame and focus. Frame and focus is where I can do ad hoc imaging with various parameters. This can take some time. Often at the end I will get the exact setting I want to use for the entire sequence. However, if I save the last image I captured in this ad hoc part, the fits header does not have all the vital information you get in those images saved automatically in a sequence run.

Is it possible that when we do “save as mono fits” it save all the imaging parameters that would otherwise have been saved if it were captured as part of a sequence.


P.S. Also want to add that I do sometimes do imaging study by taking ad hoc images. It would be really helpful to save the images with all the data in FITS header so that later we would be able to easily find out that equipment were used, where the scope was pointed at, what the plate solver results were (if a plate solve was ever run on the image), when the image was taken.

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