Save images to cloud storage


As I run a partially remote observatory, I was wondering if SGP has the capability to save images to an online/cloud storage facility instead of the local drive, like OneDirve, for example?

Currently I use Remote Utilities or Team Viewer for control and transfer, which works well enough except the bit about remembering to get up occasionally and transfer files.

If it is possible, how do I write in the directory string to the sequence?



Not directly but you could land them into a shared folder on your drive that then uploads them to your cloud storage. I setup a “one way” sync folder in my Dropbox to accomplish this. Then I can just delete everything from that folder in the morning.


Hello Jared, thank you for the reply.

That is what I am investigating at the moment. Do you have named folders through the sequencer or is it just files and try to find the ones you want the next day? And you empty your Dropbox Folder the next morning?

Sorry, I’m not really up with all that stuff.

I have all of the images land in a specific root folder, say c:\Dropbox from there you can have folders/files/etc named however you want. I then move them to a different location that is not shared with my laptop, this also removes them from my laptop.

I believe you can use the “Smart Sync” to automatically remove the files from your machine and keep them “Online Only”. I would assume that other cloud backups offer something similar.


Thank you, Jared. Yes, now I understand. :+1:

This is exactly what I do. Files are immediately uploaded to Dropbox as they are created and they do not clog the observatory computer. Also, I have a workstation in my home for image processing that is synced to the same Dropbox folder. this way, files are ready for processing. When a dataset is complete, I move it out of Dropbox into a local drive with multiple backups and the data is ready for processing.


Thanks for the replies.

I had trouble getting my head around the files in one location, moving them and not being there anymore. Now I understand how it works.

That will work well for me.

Cheers and clears. :+1: