Save to different Folders

If I have more than one target in a sequence could I be allowed to save each target to it’s own file.


To its own folder? Sure, my default path is:


It uses the day (minus 12 hours), then a folder for target name, then frame type, then the individual exposures.

So BH let me see if I understand you. In General options if I set

Default Image Directory C:\Astro Images

Custom file name pattern to %tn%dt_%tn %el%fn_%ft

Then after my imaging session I would find
C:\Astro Images\IC2118_02-09-2015\Lights and in that folder would be Image IC2118_900Sec_frame1_.CR2

C:\Astro Images\ M101_02-09-2015\Lights and in that folder would be Image M101_900Sec_frame1_.CR2

I should have discovered this on my own. I didn’t realize it was so easy.

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