Saving a sequence as a profile

Hello, I’m trying to save a sequence as a profile, but not having any luck. When I start the SGP software, it starts as normal with the default, 5 empty events sequence, with my equipment profile loaded in. I change the target name to Flats, load in flat events for each filter, and then try to ‘Save Sequence as Profile’. I give it a new profile name as it asks and click ok. I see the new profile listed but when I click ‘New Sequence with Profile’, and select my new profile from the list, all I get is my original default sequence with only empty light events loaded. Any ideas???

Thanks, James

@JamesB Profiles save information about your equipment and not information about your sequence. Please take a look here:

The type of thing you are after is not an equipment profile, it’s like a sequence profile (which we don’t provide functionality for…). The best idea, as of now, is to make a separate folder called something like “Sequence Templates” and when you want to create a sequence with similar events, open it and then do “Save As” to somewhere not in that folder.

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Hi Ken,

The Help page you link to above says "Equipment profiles can be created in multiple ways but the most straightforward is to use the Profile Manager. You can also use a Sequence to Save the Sequence as a Profile."

This sure sounds to me like Save Sequence as Profile (SSAP)would create an equipment profile using the equipment settings from the Sequence. Modifying the Control Panel for a sequence and then saving that as a new eq’mt profile is a reasonable thing to do, and the Help makes it sound like that’s what SSAP is for.


It does exactly that, but creating a new equipment profile does not create a saved sequence - only the equipment used is saved in an equipment profile. It sounds like the OP was trying to save a sequence. One can “save sequence as”, or “save sequence as equipment profile”. The two actions do different things.

Think if it as you can save either as “what set up you want to use to image” or as “what you want to image”. You can then decide “what to image” and choose to do so with any number of set-ups you’ve created, or pick a particular set up and then decide what you want to image with that set up.

I do think that if you save a sequence “as a sequence” it will open with the equipment profile you had when it was saved (I think). But equipment profiles are “extracted” from an open sequence when “saved as a profile” and then applied to an open sequence.

Thanks, @LarryC. I misread @Ken 's post – sorry.