Saving files

Hi I have just downloade GGP on a trial basis. I am very new to CCD imaging having only got my camera this week ( starlight xpress SV9 OSC). I can connect everything ok but how do I save the file that I have captured. I have tried everything, also do I need a seperate programme to turn them into colour as at the moment they black and white, think I mean to debayer, im still learning the lingo.
Any help much appreciated

At the risk of sounding rude: read the help files. No, really, read the help files. They actually help.

Also this link:
It is slightly dated, (Ken and Jared just keep improving SGP), but still quite relevant.

Best of luck. (And, nice camera.)



not rude at all, sometimes the answers staring at me in the face, help files doh why didnt i think.

They’re really good. Thanks Karl! :smile: