SBIG CFW-8A and Autofocus

Hello: I have an SBIG2000xm with a CFW-8A filter wheel. I am using this with SGP The filters switch fine during imaging session. When I started using my Moonlight autofocuser and the filter changed I get a message that the filter wheel is not recognized so the autofocus will not take place. SGP must know the filter is changing if it switches when requested to by the sequence, so why is it not recognized for the autofocus routine.

Apparently SBIG filter wheels don’t report back their position (but do take commands to move to a position), therefore cannot be used in SGP for certain automated tasks. Like you, I have a CFW-8A, but cannot apply filter offsets for this same reason. The developers have stated they may implement a workaround, but it hasn’t happened yet and I imagine probably won’t.

Thanks for the reply. I sort of figured it was something like that.

Thanks for the response. I sort of figured it was something like that.